Full Version Niiko - Somali Girls Hot, Aroos  

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Full Version Niiko - Somali Girls Hot, Aroosyo Somalia

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41 qof ee dislike ku sameeyay videokan shidan ma gabdho maseersan oo aqoon niiko abaa mase wa qaniisiin qof dhici karoba jirin alaabtan siiba marqaan time

@nasreen51 If you are female then men will get horny just by smelling you. All this is African and if you are not into it then you must had originated somewhere else.

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i feel like i am the ONLY Somali girl who can't Niiko!! my ass is just not designed to move like that lol.

@BeautifulDances yes it is, doing in front of men! and you dont be ashmed of who you are coz your talking like as you begging to be a western. their is no need for me to be ashmed coz this is not my culture!


BeautifulDances   says January 17, 2012 at 2:37 AM

@nasreen51 It is not nasty. And yes they even have designed excersizes for western women to shake their rear. It is very good for your lower section. Do not make people make you ashamed of your culture.

@BeautifulDances astakhfuran-llah, dont twist it scientists say that is good for you to exercise not shake your ass in front of men like your a slag! and if it makes your husband happy, am sure he would be happy seeing you do that dance in front of every man! disgrace to my somali race!

@BeautifulDances yes am african and proud. but to be african doesnt mean you have to do that nasty dance! why do that, i rather do belly dance!

BeautifulDances   says January 17, 2012 at 4:22 AM

@nasreen51 Even scientists say women should move like this because it keeps you young below the waist and makes you HUSBAND very happy.

BeautifulDances   says January 17, 2012 at 4:37 AM

@nasreen51 If you are African it is part of you. It is not negative. Do not make others tell you otherwise there is NOTHING nasty about it. It has an ancient history.

@siadson82 no is not! i can bet you anything! right you say this is part of our culture right, why do ethiopians, kenyans and other africans do the same thing? this is something which is inhereted by the other africans, is not a somali thing! sorry, ciyaar somalia and other dances are somalia culture

@2011Hamda.... How come you as a somalian didn't know that Niiko is part of our culture!!

@siadson82 somaliya, why

@nasreen51 You didn't answer my question, dude... where are you from?

@siadson82 coz i have barawani friend and this is how they dance.

@nasreen51 U don't know nothin' about us, dude.... who r u sayin' that?

this is not even somali culture! wtf, am definetly sure this is a barawani and xamari song :/


yeah right you aint somali abaha uhn

@fatesd84 wtf

يـــآ لبــيــ9 بــس . هذـآ الرقــص الششع’ـبي . ولا بلآش يا حـبني لكم يا اهـل الصوم’ـآلي ..
احــلى تح’ـييه لـ .. بنت الصوم’ـآل <- تعـرف نفسسسه’ـآ . +_+

@cagaarow I love this-this is proof the somalians are real africans-they have rhythm,beutiful ,who cares what any one thinks,Iam not somalian but I love this


Beautiful women and they know how to shake their ass!


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